Dear Mr. Hwang,

I am Nia, I had been studying in Institute of Technology Sepuluh November (ITS) Surabaya, Indonesia, majoring in Physics.
First of all, Im sorry to disturb you again. And thanks for your reply during this time.
I use Ejs version 3.46. This is my source program with name circular spring.xml. Continuing my last questions at my email ;

How is the analytically equation, kinetic and potential energy from spring system as seen on the picture above with the particle amount of 8?
How can we know the analytical solution to get the acceleration equation?
If I run this system by choosing n = 5,  why the values from y6 (n=6) until  y8 (n=8) are still calculated from numerical data?

At last but not least, thanks for all your helps.

Trully yours,