This is an Ejs version of micrometer with
1. option for positive or negative zero error for faulty micrometer(Adjust the vertical slider up/down).
2. option for object black color to be inserted for measurement
3. option for hint to display
4. option for answer to display
5. option fine control for ratchet
6. a lock to store the value of measurement like in a real micrometer so that you can ask others to look at the reading too without having the object inside. Smiley
7. moved the object to the foreground to achieve the no over squeezed look by the spindle
8. added threads on green dial and ratchet to give it the rotating look
9. lock can be press on graphically
10. at the moment, the ratchet can be compress by extra  mm to demonstrate materials can be measured inaccuracy if over rotated by students against the anvil, which is somewhat inaccurate but i think there is educational value if the applet can over compress ? to get the correct measurement, drag on the slider for thimble
11. made black object do not overlap the micrometer, suggested by Ered
12. made hint for zero error case make clear the impact of new calculation
13. re position (lower and in screen) the hint for the 0.00 mm for even measurements like 13.77 mm
14. updated now with lock and ratchet buttons for fine control on 08 Feb 2009
15. updated now with suggestion from Ered on 10 Feb 2009
07September 2009
16  black object is blocked (simulate real life object blocking) if the micrometer jaws is too small.
17)  micrometer jaw to become smaller than the block.?
18 improved documented variables in the variable tables.  
19. drawing object redesign in EJs4.2 format
20. new rotation ratchet implemented by prof wolfgang to simulate real life action of rotation of ratchet instead of slider bar in previous versions.
11Sept 2009
21 zero error = 0.05 mm instead of e = 5 display
22 redeploy thimble slider
23 reposition the object slider to top
24 correct spelling
25 added the input text field for checking of understanding by the students thx to Prof Hwang expert guidance
added tips o the jaws
add ability of drag up and down on the green spindle and teal ratchet to move the micrometer to simulate almost like moving the parts like in real equipment.
20july 2011
added ability to zoom in to focus on the parts of the micrometer to look at when measuring length
made the text black to increase visibility due to editable=false is a shade of gray and not very clear
21july 2011
added correct sign fig for example 9.20 = 9.00+0.20 mm extra 0 at the back using logic and code to make 0 appear
improved 9.20 = 9.00+0.10-(-0.10) mm adding extra 0 at the right else if branch. previously it shown 9.20 = 9.0 + 0.1-(-0.1) mm

24 October 2011
added a magnify ability to draw students attention to the lines based on codes from by Fu-Kwun Hwang
randomize the size of the black object each time to simulation is reset based on a request on physics front

Thanks to Prof Hwang for sharing his original source codes, his passion for sharing knowledge and guidance .
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Taiwan License.


flash movie

why in the demonstration flash, the black object is drag-able but in the applet, it is not?


how to make it drag-able?
i am puzzled too because it is already set to drag-able TRUE

[b][color=red][font=Verdana]source code
download the *.jar for using the applet on standalone without internet connection.[/font][/color][/b]