I would like to have an applet that shows the consequenses of speeding. In Urban area it is only allowed to have a speed of 50 km/h.
Let us assume that a child steps into the street and that a car just manages to stop with a margin of 0,5 meter from the child ( reaction time set to 1,5 sec. and decelleration set to -0,8 m/s2 )
An other car speeding with just 10 km/h - driving 60 km/h - what will the impact speed on the child be.
In Denmark where I teach physics - the local - safe-driving organisation has had a campaign about this with advertising on buses etc. saying 10 km/h = 44 km/h
The math behind this is not very hard - but I would like to show it in an applet anyway -
You could expand problems by saying that it is slippery a=-0,4 m/s2 or you are disturbed by a phonecall - reactiontime set to 2.5 sec
I hope that somebody would like to do the applet.
Best wishes
Finn Lysell