You are welcomed to check out [url=]EM circular polarized wave[/url] or [url=]polarizer + EM circular/linear polarized wave[/url]

This java applet shows how the electric field, the magnetic field and the wave vector inter-relate as the electromagnetic wave propagates through space.

Red arrowBlue arrowGreen arrow
Electric field EMagnetic field BVelocity vector of wave V
fixedClick near tip of B then drag the mouse to change the velocity of the EM wavekeep E + V X B = 0

Press the start Button to start the animation.

The electromagnetic wave propagates in the opposite direction (from the origin).
Press the LEFT mouse button to pause the animation. Press it again to resume.
Press the RIGHT mouse button and drag the mouse to change the viewing angle.
Right click near the origin to move it.

T-field is the period (in seconds) [or 'fractions of a second' if referring to less than one second].
The speed of propagation remains constant but the period may vary ...(Thanks to Michael De Groot for his suggestion).
Press the Reset button to reset.

Thank Mark Servis for correction in the code (Oct. 8, 2001)
Your comments/suggestions are highly appreciated.

The following is a youtube movie about electromagnetic wave