Dear Fu-Kwun,
The mass ratio is the same for all the balls, in the astroblaster simulation.
For the maximum height of the astroblaster throw is necessary to apply the different mass ratios between the balls (after the collision it can be possible that lower ball has zero velocity)

I try to add different mass ratio in your astroblaster applet, but some error messages occurs.
Could you help me with it?

What I would like to do:
- for maximum four balls, to simulate the throw in case of different mass ratios of the astroblaster ball,
- we need add mass ratio mr12, mr23, mr34 that: (m2=mr12.m1), (m3=mr23.m2), (m4=mr34.m3),
- in applet we need to modify by slider not only mr but : mr12, mr23 and mr34 .

If you will have the time, please help me with it.

Thank you,
Marián Kireš, Slovakia