Hallo again and HAPPY NEW YEAR!! ;D ;D

I made some things with this project and you can see it in the attached file.

I've drawed the Ox , Oy lines,i've opened the file and have read all the point and also i've drawned them.

For each point [i]p[/i],i have made my program to find the points that are in the same line with [i]p[/i] if they have the same x or the same y.

Now,according to the description of my exercise i have to:

for each point [i]p[/i] i have to make my program to find the angle that each other point [i]q[/i] makes up with the p and sort all points according to the angle that they make up.

This must be done using the HeapSort in base with the MaxPQ.java
We must name this class PointHeapSort.java
This algorithm must use the compareTo method for objects with type of Point.
So,i must make a class Slope for couples <angle, Point> which is going to make the Comparable and the method compareTo will sort two couples according to th angle that they have.
The class PointHeapSort will contain only one method: void sort(List<Slope> l)

Can you please help me?I am desperate and i don't know what to do next.