Subject: help for all Date: Fri, 29 Jan 1999 12:53:11 +0100 From: Jose Villasuso <> To: Dear Sir:FU-Kwun Hwang. I am a High School teacher from La Corunha , Spain ( Galicia ) near Portugal. I realy like yours appelets of Java and I am used to work with them in my classes. If you don`t mind I would like to know if is posible for you to do one about this: A force pulling a block on a slope, and showing the forces growing when you aplay diferents pulls. Also it would be a plesure if you could do another one: a block moving in horizontal , changing the force angles when you pull the block, and at the same time showing the celerity of the block. The most eficient angle to move is when the tg (angle) = coefficient of rubbing Sorry for my english I?m very pleased for having found your work, amazed work, which is very useful for my students and also for me. Before all, thank you very much for your work and help. Pepe Villasuso