I see that this site hasn't been updated for quite a long time.  Is anyone still there?

I'm interested in a particular simulation to visualize aerodynamic flow over a two-dimensional model.  Specifically, the drag created or reduced by varying the parameters of the model.

The application is to determine where drag is being created by a truck towing a trailer at typical highway speeds, and how the drag may be reduced by introducing air deflectors of various shapes and positions.

I have a recreational vehicle (trailer) that I tow with my pick-up truck.  I notice that there is a significant difference in fuel consumption, engine effort, and attainable speed depending on the direction of the wind relative to my direction of travel.  I would like to simulate introducing various size and shape wind deflectors and to be able to visualize the effects graphically.  I can produce a to-scale, two-dimensional model of the assembly in .mpeg format.

I have degrees in physics and mathematics, but it has been a very long time since I've used this knowledge so please don't assume any expertise. Btw, if anyone already has the simulation software and  is interested in collaborating with me on this, e-mail me at briggs451@yahgoo.com

Gary Briggs
Fort Worth Texas, USA