Technology can play different roles for education:
1. Used as a tool:
    to make job easier or more effective (efficient).
    to help visualize complicate phenomena or data.
    to make thinking visible
2. Used as a media:
  to explore cause and effect relation
  to provide new experience which is not easy , difficult or impossible (virtual tour).
3. Used as a social actor:
  to provide feedback among uses, to communicate/exchange ideals
  to provide social support ..

The question is not "Will the technology transform education",
But "How to used it properly (how to integrate it into teaching and learning)!"

Teachers should concentrate most of their effort to teaching instead of technology!
The java simulations I have created might help students to learn better, but it need teacher to guide the students to use it properly (to make it effective).
Teacher need to tell the students what they should do with the simulation (according to their background knowledge). The guidance might be different for different students.
Teacher need to ask the right question for students to think about? So teacher play a very important role.

Technology is something can help teachers/students.
But teacher need to change the way of teaching and students need to change the way of learning.
From my point of view. Students has less momentum, and teacher has very large momentum.
So it is not easy to change the way teacher teaching.  Teacher need support (that is what I was trying to help) and encouragement to help then make the transformation.
Apply Newton’s law to Teachers/Students:
1. Teacher/Student remains his/her own way of teaching/learning, unless he/she is compelled to change by an external influence.
2. The rate of change is proportional to the magnitude of the imposed influence and inversely proportional to the inertia of the teacher/student.
3. To every reaction there is always opposed an equal reaction. (because force is an interactions between two objects)
So, do not push too hard on teachers/students, otherwise, they will move away.