From: "Franco Di Liberto" <> To: <> Subject: Carnot Engine applet Date: Fri, 7 Jan 2000 15:56:12 +0100 Dear Hwang I appreciate very much your java applet on Carnot Engine. I note, anyway, that the P,V values which are shown at the top are = interchanged (are shown the V,P values) and moreover that the (ingoing = and outgoing )bar proportional to heat flow is ...Yellow. I suggest (to be perfect!) that you extend the range of V values to = include 22,4 liters (the volume occupied by a mole) and (setting = n=3D1 in PV=3DnRT) show also the Temperatures. Finally it would be nice that one could stop the animation and read = (step by step) the P,V values and (during the adiabatics) also the T values .=20 Thank you and Happy new Year Sincerely yours Francesco di Liberto I.N.F.M., I.N.F.N. and Dipartimento di Scienze Fisiche Universita di Napoli Federico II Pad 19 Mostra D'Oltremare 80125 Napoli- Italia Tel: +39817253424, Email: