[quote]Do you mean if you type "java -jar EjsConsole.jar" and it is working well. And it is not working when you double click EjsConsole.jar?[/quote]
[quote]Then it is something wrong in your setting? Not the Ejs distribution.[/quote]
I think so also. But I've never told that there is sth wrong with Ejs. Now I know that there is sth wrong with my java properties
[quote]You can create a  bat file to run "java -jar EjsConsole.jar". Ejs was running that way.
Now, we can run ejs by double click EjsConsole.jar[/quote]
Thanks, it's working. But I will try to solve my problem in spite of it :)
[quote]If you find out how to make it work, please post it here! Thank you![/quote]
Certainly, I will !