Hi community of practice a.k.a. Prof. Hwang  :D

i am trying to assign Xmodplot = Xmod; when pause button is pressed


Xmodplot = Xmod;

The reason is i need the user to decide when is it that is maximum amplitude by clicking the pause button

Generating simulation file
  F:\EasyJavaSimulations\Ejs3.46_070428\Ejs\Simulations\_apps\_examples\weelookangresonance03.app\weelookangresonance03.java ...
F:\EasyJavaSimulations\Ejs3.46_070428\Ejs\Simulations\_apps\_examples\weelookangresonance03.app\weelookangresonance03.java:297: incompatible types
found  : void
required: boolean
1 error
Compilation produced an error!