hi prof. huang,

it is possible to make the applet in the graphical mode where user can select a series of points and the applet display the equation of

1. linear regression fit
2. quadratic fit

3. area under graph.

the rationale of this request is after a needs analysis of students in the A level physics, the beginning students has difficulty understand and realizing from a experiential way.

learning difficulties addressed :

v =ds/dt

a = dv/dt

change in v = integral of a .dt from limits t initial to t final

change in s = integral of v .dt from limits t initial to t final

this way, computers can be used as a cognitive tool, to allow students to draw generalizations from computer generated equations.

attached is an example of how i intend to use these addon if available :) ;D

currently, the use of datalogger software from pasco ScienceWorkshop 2.3.3 allows users to do it