Subject:  Doppler applet wish (& propagation)
Date:    Wed, 26 May 1999 08:25:32 +0100
From:    Jeff Forssell
To:      "''"
I like the doppler applet (as I do most of your Javas) but when I was
about to try to use the x,y coordinate display to measure the difference
in apparent wavelength on different sides of the source, I found that
the display changed to angle. Which is very good in some cases but it
ought to be easy to have both. Either i 2 windows or perhaps left click=
angle, right click=coordinates

Another wish would be that the "propagation applet (which I love!) could
have the top medium become darker than the bottom when it´s n value is
greater and increase the choice of n1/n2 to include day glass about air
below. (I know and appreciate the possiblity to set the n/n ratio to
0.667, but if you feel like adding something I´d appreciate the above)

thank you
Jeff Forssell
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