The following links are not available.
1. [url=]Easy Java Simulations 3.46 beta[/url] (updated April 28th, 2007, aprox. 9Mb. ZIP Windows file) :  This is the LATEST beta (i.e. non-official but HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) version. Backwards compatible, the documentation is NOT up-to-date.

2.[url=]Easy Java Simulations 3.4 [/url](updated November 2005, aprox. 6.3 Mb. ZIP Windows file) This is the LATEST and GREATEST version. It is backwards compatible.

3.  [url=]Manual for Ejs 3.4 [/url](updated September 2005,, aprox. 1.4 Mb., PDF format): This is the introductory, step by step, full of examples, manual. Appendices (see below) are also useful.

4. [url=]HTML reference pages[/url]  for all view elements in a single compressed file.

5.  [url=]Combined use of Ejs and Matlab[/url]  (updated September 2004,  aprox. 600 Kb., PDF format) Intructions to use Ejs and Matlab/Simulink together.