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Mahnoors question:
hey guys!
umm... its a charcteristic of pressure in liquids that the liquid transfers equal pressure in all directions at the same level.
but in some situations we can see that the given conditions .... like ... um... in pressure breaks.... the piston whose area is greater, why is it said that more load can be lifted by it, why is the pressure same even though u have greater area, it should be less, shouldent it? because it says so in the equatin p=F/A, but it remains the same . can any one tell me why?


P.S.i hope u guys understand wat the question is, i have tried my best to explain wat i am trying to ask, hope SOMEONE catches it, cuz its a bit confusing, sorry abt that.

if you are in india, read +1 ncert book of physics. if outside, read resnick&halliday. its not a tough question. only you need to picturise..... all the best