Haythorne, Bob (WIM) Staff :
> > Thank you, Mr Hwang.  I think it is probably better (and easier for you,not
> > having to rewrite the actual calculation software) to relabel it "No. of
> > photons per second".  What we need to stress to students is the idea of it
> > being what I call a "one on one" interaction, which is much clearer if the
> > control simply adjusts the number of photons.  It would then be up to
> > teachers of bright students (I teach in a very selective school) to ask what
> > would happen if the true intensity remained constant whilst the photon
> > energy were changed as a way of extending them.  This is a much harder
> > point, after all.
> >
> > Many thanks for your discussion and, again, for your excellent software.
> >
> > Bob Haythorne

According to the above suggestion: Title for the slider bar has been modified.
From "Light Intensity=" to "No of photon per second=".
Thank you Bob!