Hello! I came across your site recently and I was very impressed by your Superposition applet. It�s a very good interactive descriptive explanation of Superposition. I�ve played with it for hours! I live in Liverpool, England and I'm in a band called Kling Klang that plays mainly instrumental synthetic music. Last year we released a single titled "The Superposition". One of the tracks on it was supposed to represent the sounds of Superposition (loads of rolling, colliding and penetrating waves). I think you might like it! Anyway, the reason I am emailing you is to ask for your permission/help. We are releasing an album of all our previous recorded material later this year and we'd like to put it out as an Enhanced CD (Songs, Video, Data, etc). I was going to ask if we could include a copy of your web page and applet on the CD (we would obviously credit you accordingly) - would this be ok? I totally understand if you do not want us to include it, but I just thought I'd ask anyway. If you don't want us to include it, could we put a web link to it instead? Below is a few links to things to do with us. http://www.klingklang.mersinet.co.uk/ http://www.klingklang.mersinet.co.uk/pages/eod.htm http://www.geol.uni-erlangen.de/michel/eod.htm If you give me your address, I could also send you some examples of our music. Sorry for just emailing you like this. I just liked your applet so much. Good luck with all your work in the future. Bye!!! Joe ------------ Kling Klang tel: 0151 727 8348 mob: 07800 974094 _________________________________________________________________ Sign-up for a FREE BT Broadband connection today! http://www.msn.co.uk/specials/btbroadband