Drag vector A or B to see how the vector C=AXB changed!
The magnitude of the cross product |C| = |A| |B| sin? which is equal to the area span by vector A and B =>light gray area shown in the program (also equal to  length of the blue arrow).

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Examples of [b]C[/b]=[b]A[/b]X[b]B[/b]
1. [b]F[/b]=q [b]v[/b] X [b]B[/b]: charged particle with charge q , velocity [b]v[/b] moves in the magnetic field [b]B[/b].
2. [b]L[/b] = [b]r[/b] X [b]P[/b]: angular momentum [b]L[/b], linear momentum [b]P[/b]

You will find many similar relations in physics.