Dear Prof Hwang,
i would like to add
the helical line that joins up all the ends of the E vectors.
[img][/img] the AnalyticCurve3D (EJSS_DRAWING3D.AnalyticCurve) in RED.

could you add it on your source EJS and i will try to study it or alternatively you can also add on my source EJSS?


my initial attempt is
functionX = Ex[0].toFixed(3)+"*cos("+_view._format(omega,"0.000")+"*c)"
functionY = "c"
functionZ = Ez[0].toFixed(3)+"*cos("+_view._format(omega,"0.000")+"*c)"

but the correct formula looks very complex, thought i better check with you, rather than i try to brute force the equations out by myself.