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1. I am looking for a simulation to show how the variation of intensity of X-ray with its wavelength.
This is for Junior College level Physics on the topic of X-ray.  

2.  From the graph, the students are required to understand the reason for the existence of (i) the continuous x-ray spectrum, (ii) characteristic peaks, and (iii) the minimum wavelength of the x-ray spectrum.

3.  The simulation  may let the student vary (i) the accelerating p.d of the electron towards a target (tungsten),  (ii) power of the source, so that they can see the these effect if any on the intensity of the x-ray, the characteristic peaks, minimum wavelength in the graph of intensity vs wavelength.

Thank you.

the sim you want is available here
X-Ray Spectrum JavaScript HTML5 Applet Simulation Model by Michael R. Gallis