Hi, I am experimenting with a simple Parallel Plate Capacitor arrangement in order to measure the dielectric of the material between the plates - air, 1 and polycarbonate, 2.9 at this stage. I would eventually like to further this technique to a fringing sensor arrangment, but first I need the following issues resolving. The plate separation is significant compared with the plate area i.e plate area, A = 1586mm^2 and the plate separation, d = 9.8mm. Using the elementary capacitor equation, C = (Eo x Er x A)/d does not include the fringing effect caused by such A/d ratio. Therefore my measurements are out with my calculations, in some cases by 40%. I would like a method of modelling the fringing effect so I may gauge the total capacitance in theory, and therefore the resulting dielectric, before carrying out the experiment. I have looked at many methods including the Boundary element method and such like. I would appretiate if someone could guide me through the modeling process either by example or recommendation of websites / texts / tutorials or books. Ultimately it would be nice to carry out such calculations and simulations using software so any recommendations using this would also be useful. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and comments. Regards Tom Myers