Hello sir!

Thanks for your quick response. Let me try and explain the details of the simulations. 1: simulation of how vectors(e.g velocities) in 2-D can be added and / or subtracted to find the resultant vector. For instance the simulation can depict velocities of two ships moving relative to each other; 2: Velocity of an aircraft in still air and relative to the wind blowing from some given direction; 3: simulation to distinguish between stationary and moving frames of reference; 4: simulation to show resolution of vectors; 4: use of bearing to locate positions. Anything along these lines. With your experience and expertise, you can see how this can be designed plus what you think can be necessary as long as we are dealing with relative velocity in 2-D for first year introductory physics students.

I will really appreciate if you can help design these simulations, say by end of October 2015 utmost.