I just added another link after "view how it was created with ejs" and labeled it as "load ejs with jnlp mode(can read/write local file,need your permission)". Click this link, and ejs will be download to your local machine. (It will ask for permission if it was running the first time). You can change the label or anything about the simulation directly from the ejs panel and click the green button to generate new simulation. You will find it running. And all the generated files will be at the home directory in your computer. (For window user please check "Documents and Setting/YOUR_USER_NAME") You should find a directory named as "Ejs.tmp". All the generated simulations will be in one of the folder under Ejs.tmp/Simulations/ You can save the ejs source file. (Click save button and provide a filename, and you can open it later -since files are saved in your computer now). This is a new feature of EJS. (You run it localy instead on our server). But you need to allow program being downloaded to your computer. Let me know if you still have problem with it.