There are two kind of simulations on our server. There are simulations created by JDK1.0.2 almost 10 years ago (Under [url=]Physics Simulation[/url] category). Translation for this kind of applet can be found at "[url=]different language version"[/url]. There are also simulations created with EJS(Under [url=] Easy java Simulation [/url]category). Now I only have english version and chinese version for this kind of applet. But you will be able to modify the applet or look at the ejs source. For example: you can view EJS source version of [url=]Photoelectric effect [/url] You will find definition for all the label under "language'" tab. The screen shot look like the following [img:e91e1e159e][/img:e91e1e159e] From the web page which contain photoelectric applet you will find tag like the following <applet code="photoelectriceffect.photoelectriceffectApplet.class" codebase="/ntnujava/ejs/" archive="_library/ejsBasic.jar,photoelectriceffect.jar" name="photoelectriceffect" id="photoelectriceffect" width="700" height="400" mayscript="true"></applet> The name and id for the applet is "photoelectriceffect" The variable for label "Photon Energy=0.0eV" is l_photoenergy You can add the following javascript to change the label for "photoenergy" document.photoelectriceffect.l_photoenergy="photo energy=0.0eV";// change the right hand side to your local language. P.S. The "0.0" format is for 1 digit display after "." We are still modify the code for EJS. We will distribute xml source for simulations created with ejs and you will be able to modify it easily with browser very soon.