first of all, the simulation is super! There is only a problem:  When I choose "load ejs as signet applet", almost all the elements are not active in the ejs window. Additionaly, when I try to run the simulation (in order to generate a new one), the following message appears:


Δημιουργία αρχείο?προσομοίωσης C:Documents and ...
C:Documents and illegal escape character
? l_workfunction="₯¨ηΌ?0.0 eV";?// > Προσαρμογή.chinese:11
?????????? ^
1 error
Παρουσιάστηκ?λάθο?κατά τη μεταγλώττιση!

"Δημιουργία αρχείο?προσομοίωσης" means: Generation of new simulation

"Παρουσιάστηκ?λάθο?κατά τη μεταγλώττιση!" means: Error during translation.

I need your help because I intend to translate the simulation in greek (I have already done the translation of the fiber optics simulation). ?/p>

Thank you in advance.

Manolis Kousloglou

electronic physicist