Hello!! I am the new member here~ I've got some problems to solve The following diagram is a system to form an aerial 3D image but i don't know what name it is. I can understand why the image can be 3D but I don't know why it can be observed without screen. At the place where I saw that gave it a name "Reflective hologram". However, in holography theory, the "3 dimensional imgae formation" is just on a single surface film. The "3D image" that we observing is just a combination by lot of layers. It's not like the following, this is real 3D image. [img:b1be083000]http://home.graffiti.net/hugo_lok:graffiti.net/phenomenon.JPG[/img:b1be083000] Anybody knows that?? Plx help me~~~~~thx a lot