[SIZE=3][B]Secoundary School mathematica and Evidence Michelson Morley False[/B] [/SIZE]
Maciej Marian Marosz ( Poland ,city Walbrzych ) 11-11-2014 [/RIGHT]

if  C + V or C- V = TRUE ===> below drawing is FALSE
( EM wave are not able  make rotation with bulb  respect to hand because not exist C+V)

we are sure that not exist C+V or C-V respect to hand
( bulb is making rotation but EM wave
joust making  3D background ==> exist   C speed only )

[B] matematica : [/B]
line motion  = rotation with infinity radius
(  easy to imagine and evaluate  how big  mistake we making  for each radius  )

below rocket is making rotation (infinity radius)  -  it is analogy to situation
that I showed Bulb -------rope----X .
Light for distance L need time T during this time
rocket is escaping from point 1,2,3,4...
at the end of wing rocket has got EM source

Above I showed also TORQUE problem ( Force can have only one point where push rocket )

[B]Experiment :[/B]

Camera is open 24 h and registering point



I'm sure that me and bulb and camera  during 24h test
are making rotation  respect to some point X1 ( far far point in universe )


Part 1 > [url=http://youtu.be/wkz0qD17IvY]24h Michelson Morley (part 1) - YouTube[/url]  Part 2 > [url=http://youtu.be/jjqt7Iz_UDQ]24h Michelson Morley (part 2) - YouTube[/url]


Michelson Morley Made Mistake ( it is FALSE experiment ) we can evaluate Our own constant
linear motion : we  need use only C and read L from picture during test

During real experiment I relize that object (doth)  is able become biger/shorter


more problems in test
[url=http://maroszphysics.blogspot.com/]Marosz's physics[/url]

Mtematyczny Dowód Fa?szu Testu Michelson Morley ( szko?a ?rednia )
( pokazuje równie? prosty test do wykonania w domu )