The same oil portion ( green ) is going left and right ( spring 1 and 2  adjust balance )
But during this operation we can register different radial forces

EN > http://youtu.be/iTQweoVZspc

PL > http://youtu.be/YI2Vqf9TFi4

In Chine right now Somone patented REDIRECTION ENGINE


Patented invention---Hydraulic energy redirection and release system for blast shock wave mitigation

Yun ChenPrincipal Scientist

The patented invention is a hydraulic energy redirection and release technology that has been developed for mitigating the effects of blast and ballistic shock waves on protected objects.



In profecional Linkedin network nobody understand ( why and how simple pipe destroing NEwton reactions forces )
they not want to accept  so starnge ZERO !!!

Above it is huge future for physics  - I made in home many tests