changes made:

9 jan 2012 Design layout to usual bottom
A = 0.49 instead of 0.4 previously to make same as lecture notes
add Nodes texts and extra
add Antinodes text and extra
add v = f*lambda assuming speed of sound is 330 m/s
10 Jan 2012 add modeling component through drop-down menu and input field for learners to key in equations to understand the standing waves formed
readjusted position of pipes and everything to start at y = 0 instead of the previous y =0.5 for ease of modeling
3 October 2013 reduce the number of air molecules representation (RED) to draw to 19 and thicken the lines
added text into actual frames "u(t,x) displacement" and "p(t,x) pressure"
add text pipe side view
add text "pressure variation BLACK=-1, BRIGHT=+1 "
add dt= slider to allow slowing slow of the simulation
added boundary or envelope of the amplitude in dark-grey
made u(x,t) and p(x,t) appears as the check-box is selected
author: Juan Aguirregabiria and lookang (this remix version)
Key features designed:
Symbolic text to support visuals NAN, node, anti node node etc.
Can simulate closed or open end of a pipe
Microscopic visual of molecules enhanced with order and random position referencing tat leong code
dt for slowing and speed up simulation
amplitudes for envelope of displacement visuals
pressures for learning of real equipment sound detector to be placed at the maximum/minimum pressure from the ambient atmospheric as highlighted by kian wee
inputs field for calculation of any length of pipe
modelling-mathematical features as highlighted by peng poo and oon how as key to deepening learning