Hi from Poland

One Year ago I made in home test
Photocamera and Bulb

I would like to build model how work my test for better explain people what I did

What is it apparent point
Iportant for my test wiki animation


not exist C + V  and signal started in past  below picture I explain my test
( please notice what is it brightnes ---> Energy / Area )


Flashlight is moving so light need some time to touch the screen ( for optica very important is distance )

My test in home

first prototype


first test in home


first  pictures ( brightness - photoshop 10 histogram)  west ( -30km/s ) and East (+30 km/s )
>  http://youtu.be/O9k-zidfJZg


It is new type of doppler efect  ( not red/blue ) but luminosity shift ( respect to apparent position ) the sensor and the source  can have the same velocity


ABOVE TEST AND CLASSICAL MECHANIC ( more details I showing on forum )



I'm very open for cooperate right now I live in small polish town ( getto 25 % people without job )
each day I dream made many test in Lab

Br Maciej Marosz
Engineer and Inventor