??As we all, when we cross the road and the LED arrow light suddenly changed to red, then we must stop our steps and cannot go until it changes to green? But do you know why can we be the only car or the person that needs to wait at a traffic signal light intersection and the red LED arrow light won't change green. In fact, it is not depending on luck, it is the intelligent traffic signal controller -*- that controls the entire traffic signal project.
??Indeed, there are many benefits to traffic signal project. The more technologically advanced traffic signal project offers the most benefits. Fewer cars stopped at red LED arrow light can reduce idling emissions; and by allowing big rigs to pass through intersections without stopping also help the environment. Traffic light timing generally results in fewer rear-end accidents. And best of all, everyone can get to where they're going quicker and more efficiently.
??Today, most signals operate from intelligent traffic signal controller  that allow for increased flexibility in keeping a green or red LED arrow light -*- turned on for a specific length of time. Most can respond to the number of cars entering the intersection from different directions. In short, these signals are not blind; they can 'see' cars through one of three ways: through radio waves that can be bounced to detect moving objects; cameras; or through sensors that are strategically placed under the pavement. The latter is the most commonly used.
??Unfortunately, not every city has sophisticated traffic signal project. Some lack the technology, while others lack the personnel to oversee the systems. But by installing more technologically intelligent traffic signal controller, cities can better control the flow of traffic, reduce accidents and help the environment. Talk to your city planners to find out what kind of traffic signal light systems your streets have—and if the technology is a little outdated, consider what your city can do to improve it.
??Therefore, it is necessary for you to know the science and technology behind the traffic signal project  -*- , and we should know that sometimes traffic signals can result in greater speeds as drivers accelerate to get through the signal before it turns red. In a word, there are many amazing physics simulations about the intelligent traffic signal controller, and we need to have a better cognition about it.