professor thanks for your help. the program is finished.

I thank you now for I can not do nothing but offer her my services

as I said before I am able to:

- Use photoshop cs3
- Use autodesk inventor professional
  . designs for mechanics
  . jewelry
  . laser cutting
  . etc ...
- Use programs for the calculation of structural mecchanic parts
   . beams
   . bolts
   . toothed wheels
   . etc ...
- Use program for simulation of magnetic fields in 2d PERMAG
- Use simple programs for the simulation of thermal exchange in 2d now and in the future in 3d

send me a mail (ony for professor FU-Kwung Hwang) whit your request and if i can i'll do it for free. ;D

We can became friend on facebook i have send you a request as Anto***** Daniele ;D