The simulation has been updated with latest image file.

The mistake was from the mis-interpretation. It is correct now. (The unit for time is not us but 0.1 us, the display has been changed).

Actually, the unit used in the simulation is v(m/s), m(kg), r(m), B(T), q (1.6 C)

The default for the simulation is m=1kg, v=0.2m/s, B=1 T, q=1.6C
From r=\frac{mv}{qB}={1*0.2}{1.6*1}=\frac{1}{8}=0.125

However, you would like to change the interpretation.
m=1*10^{-26}kg, v=0.2 km/s, B=1T, 1=1.6*10^{-19}C
So r=\frac{1*10^{-26}*0.2*10^{3}}{1.6*10^{-19}*1}=0.125*10^{-4}m
That is why we call the 1 unit =100 um.

Because the unit for space become 100um, the unit for speed become km/s
So the time step is 10^{-4}/10^3= 10^{-7}s =0.1us

It should work fine now.