thank you so much for taking the time to improve the simulation.

there are things that do not go unfortunately! :'(

- The mass is wrong,must be [b][u] 10 ^-26Kg[/u][/b], and no, 10 ^ 26kg, must be a mass comparable to that of molecular oxygen, or molecular nitrogen.
- The cursor volocitÓ must reach 20 km / s, starting from zero, as it is now.
- The particle bounces off walls, above and below, and it is ok, but returns in the video, if it comes out right and left, this effect is not good, please eliminate it, is not realistic.
- Can You, please, put the default positively charged particle?

are better numerical values ??of x and y, you can choose the work area as shown in figure I sent you. to remember is that the particle must bounce up and down and left and raises must go away from the work area and not return inside the area. as in figure.

can you, please, add the direction of B whit a tridimensional axis? thanks

however there is something wrong with simulation with these values. if r = mv / qB, setting values, sigma = 2.5, m = 10 ^ 26Kg, v = 0.20km / s, B = 5T, q =1.6*10^-19 and, by placing the particle in the middle of the screen, is obtained a radius of curvature of 2.5 * 10 ^ 46 m instead on the screen is seen that the radius of curvature is about 2 cm!

Thank you very much professor of patience ;D