So thank you you for your attention to me.

then the ruler would need to figure out what size of screen you are viewing in mm (millimetres).

the ruler is in the fig.

It must be similar or as you want( in mm) !!!

regarding sigma could come down to smaller values ??0.07, to 0.01?

for charge + e - and setting the charge is ok!

lacks the ability to set, the value of the magnetic field B we say tesla
example 0.45 T

I do not understand the speed and the mass, in which units of measurement have been set.
or that represent the values. maybe  m=1 rapresent 5*10^-26Kg and v=1 apresent 1000 m/s?

regarding the particle, I would like once out of the design did not fit more on the screen

you might choose as the unit of measure mm? I saw that in previous simulations could choose the unit in micrometers.

ever you feel like it could also kindly put the counter of nanoseconds

you can not choose the size of the work area, which is where the particle undergoes the strength of the magnetic field, always in mm?

thanks so much professor ;D