thanks so much!!! is a simulation of based, but it is what I wanted ;D. Now can we please make additions to the program? thanks again for the simulation.

So here are the additions I'd like, please:
the user must be able to set
    - Mass in kg (typically 5 * 10 ^-26Kg)
   - Set the charge of the particle (typically 1.6 * 10 ^ -19 C)
   - Set the type of charge of the particle + or -.
   - You must have a counter for the time in nanoseconds (ns)
    - change speed of simulation (example 1s=8ns or 1s= 20ns or etc...)
   - set Speed ??in m / s (typically between 1'000 and 10'000 m / s)
   - Set the Gaussian function manually by entering the value of A and B, which is A = 2 * sigma ^ 2
   - Enter the rulers on board page in mm
   - You can manually choose the size (x and y) of the working window in mm
   - The particle would bounce off the walls, up and down of the page, but go trought left end right. (as a particle in a tube infinite.)

If you set this becomes a simulation fantastic for particles charged.

thanks for the simulation again.