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Set up 1:  At the highest 'k', the block rises to the highest point on the ramp (no friction).
Set up 2:  At a different setting for 'k', the block rises to a different point on the ramp but not the highest (no friction).

The highes point on the ramp is determined by the total energy of the system.
The assumption for the above two settings is the block were compressed at the same displacement initially(before released).
Once the block is released, the highest point on the ramp is not dependent on spring constant k.

mgh= \frac{1}{2}k x^2 , so h=\frac{1}{2mg} k x^2
Your setup 1 need one more condition: what is the displacement (x) of the spring.
Do you want me to add another slider for the displacement? (so that you can fix displacement while changing spring constant k ?)