Having actual numbers for calculations is an extension of what I'm trying to accomplish
Do you mean user can input number to change spring constant, mass,friction coefficient, etc?

when no friction is present, the block should return to the same height on the ramp as it oscillates at a particular spring setting.
The previous version should be able to show that:  the block did return to the same height on the ramp when no friction is present.

Block should not go as high up the ramp with friction as it does without friction for the same spring setting.

I just create another version:
Try to let the block oscillate without friction, then adjust friction coefficient. The block will slow down due to friction.
Another block will show up -- which move for frictionless case.
I hope this will be close to what you need.

Right now. Friction can be added when it move on the horizontal track.
There is no friction when the block is moving on the ramp.
Do you want to add friction between the block and the ramp?

Click the following image to show the new version.

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