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Wisdom is to teach our students how to teach themselves. ...Wisdom
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Author Topic: Ejs Three Current-Carrying Wires Model by Andrew Duffy  (Read 7291 times)
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on: December 04, 2008, 08:47:17 am » posted from:Singapore,,Singapore

APA citation:
Duffy, A. (2008). Ejs Three Current-Carrying Wires Model (Version 1.0) [Computer software]. Retrieved December 3, 2008, from http://www.compadre.org/Repository/document/ServeFile.cfm?ID=7637&DocID=617


Access Rights:     Free access
Restriction:   © 2008 Andrew Duffy
Additional information is available.

 The Ejs Three Current-Carrying Wires model is a ranking task exercise involving the ranking of the current magnitudes in three parallel current-carrying wires.  The simulation displays the net force on each wire because of the other two wires.  You can modify this simulation if you have Ejs installed by right-clicking within the plot and selecting "Open Ejs Model" from the pop-up menu item. 

Ejs Three Current-Carrying Wires model was created using the Easy Java Simulations (Ejs) modeling tool.  It is distributed as a ready-to-run (compiled) Java archive.  Double clicking the ejs_bu_three_wires.jar file will run the program if Java is installed.  Ejs is a part of the Open Source Physics Project and is designed to make it easier to access, modify, and generate computer models.  Additional Ejs models for physics are available.  They can be found by searching ComPADRE for Open Source Physics, OSP, or Ejs.

Please note that this resource requires at least version 1.5 of Java (JRE).

Subjects    Levels    Resource Types
Electricity & Magnetism
- Magnetic Fields and Forces
= Fields and Currents
= Force on Wires
= Magnetic Fields
   - Lower Undergraduate
- High School
- Instructional Material
= Activity
= Curriculum support
= Interactive Simulation
- Audio/Visual
= Movie/Animation

 Ejs Three Current-Carrying Wires Worksheet

A pdf document that contains exercises for use with the Ejs Three Wires Model and the ejs_bu_three_wires.jar file.

  * Download ejs_bu_three_wires_worksheet.pdf - 8kb Adobe PDF Document

Published: June 8, 2008

Last Modified: July 13, 2008

This document has no restrictions provided the copyright information is retained.

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Reply #1 on: December 04, 2008, 09:12:07 am » posted from:Singapore,,Singapore

a truly problem solving question worthy of a lot of thinking skills.

i can imagine a team of learners discussing topics on:
1. trigonometry
2. parallelogram law of additional of forces
3. current law of current carrying wires
4. same direction current wires attract & opposite direction current repel
5. logic thinking of bisecting/dividing the angle made by forces line of action
6. comparison of 3 inequalities relationship/equation
7. drawing conclusion thinking skills

i like this because it is interesting, requires many skills to solve problem
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Wisdom is to teach our students how to teach themselves. ...Wisdom
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