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Wisdom is to teach our students how to teach themselves. ...Wisdom
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Author Topic: EJSS Horizontal Spring Mass Model  (Read 1776 times)
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on: February 14, 2015, 12:51:41 pm » posted from:New York,New York,United States

EJSS Horizontal Spring Mass Model

Run Model


Q1: Consider an object P oscillating between point A and B about the origin (0,0), assuming the usual Cartesian Coordinate System apply.  Observe the Model and suggests possible meaning of the following points with the most suitable descriptions.
central equilibrium position 
instantaneous position 
maximum amplitude  m
minimum amplitude  m
Given the equation x = x0 sin ( ω t ) can describe SHM, suggests the usual symbols associated to the physical quantity
central equilibrium position 
instantaneous position or displacement given by vector OP  m
maximum amplitude  m
minimum amplitude  m
time taken for one complete oscillation, for example Path from O→A→O→B→O  s
number of oscillations performed per unit time  1/s. Hence, f and T are related by the equation  f = 1 T
angular frequency  rad/s. Since one complete oscillation is 2π radians, ω and f are related by ω = 2π f

* SHM001.gif (460.57 KB, 576x480 - viewed 379 times.)

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Wisdom is to teach our students how to teach themselves. ...Wisdom
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