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Author Topic: Length contraction (Special Relativity:Lorentz transformation)  (Read 23677 times)
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Fu-Kwun Hwang
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on: February 28, 2011, 05:47:52 pm » posted from:Taipei,T\'ai-pei,Taiwan

Length contraction:
A meter-stick appears longest to an observer who is at rest relative to it. An observer moving relative to the meter-stick at v observes the stick to be shortened by a factor of γ.

1. In the garage's frame of reference, the bus is moving, and can fit in the garage (for observer at rest with the respect to the garage).
2. In the bus's frame of reference, the garage is moving, and can't hold the bus (for observer moving with the bus).

Try to play with the following simulation and have fun with relativity! Smiley

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* relativity_LengthLorentzTransformation.gif (1.95 KB, 719x133 - viewed 589 times.)

* schoolbus-small.png (33.58 KB, 225x114 - viewed 2576 times.)
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Never too late. Never too early. ...Wisdom
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