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Title: SUPERSONIC airplane and Mass M
Post by: tesla2 on April 21, 2014, 05:35:47 pm

Airplane can escape from point where started Sound

What About Mass M ?

( yellow rings = grvitation )


p1...p2...p3...p4..p5...p6...p7...p8...p9...p10....M >>> motion


mass m step by step accelerate ( astronomers not see reason ? )
mass m is going to point p1 , p2 p3 ,,....

to above model we must add Inverse Square Law
mass M  in past started many rings ( not exist C+V exist only C speed )
distance p1.....................p10 = miliards years ????

Einstein and Above problem ?

rocket accelerate , accelerate ...

inside rocket we have two mass
M- rocket
m person
 Where mass M started gravitation ? where mass m will register signal ( what about inverse Square law ) ???


Why we can compare Light and Gravitation ?

In photography people use Force of light definition
Newton = Force of gravitation

both definition = very similar equations !!!



Very important is Inverse Square Law Problem

 More far  from place where signal started = lower intensity of signal
 ( "lower brightness" ) 
1R = X , 2R = X/4 , 3R = X/9
X- brightness,  R- radius
the same energy portion   but different  area 


wave 1 +wave 2 = wave 3

wave 1 - we are sure
wave 3 - we can measure and observe

wave 2 = Wave 3 - wave 1

wave 2 - Aether problem


Title: HOW LOOK SPACE ( modern Aether idea )
Post by: tesla2 on April 21, 2014, 05:58:54 pm
p1..p2..p3..p4...p5..p6...p7...M>>> motion

Mass M is Moving = Mass M started Light from many new points in space


mass M can sent Gravitation Wave or Light wave


INVERSE SQUARE LAW it is very important Law

C speed Yes but only respect to point where Light Started !!!

Modern Aether ? ZERO MASS M  - IDEAL C speed 

wave 1 + wave 2 = wave 3 !!!