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Title: Doppler it is not only RED/ BLUE shift we can use Inverted Square Law
Post by: tesla2 on November 02, 2013, 11:01:23 am
We all very good know dopper for light

what about intensity of signal ( LUX power )

I have kindly ask anyone can help me prepare simulation ( solar system model and intensity of signal problem )

Inverted Square Law


sensor ----> V1 ----------R distance ----------------Source -------> V2

if V1 <V2
sensor will register RED shift and step by step lower intensity of signal ( level of signal will go down )

if V1 =V2 ???? astronomers think that we have 20 km/s

sensor 1 -----------150 000 000 km -----SUN  -----------150 000 000 km -----sensor 2   -------> 20 km/s

sensor 1 will register biger brightness