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Title: Image formation by thin lens
Post by: kpk on July 28, 2013, 02:36:03 am
Can you pls. make a simulation for the following?:

Image is formed on the retina of eye by the lens of eye.

Let the object be irregularly shaped.(let it be a big irregularly shaped rock piece)

Actually thin lenses make 3 dimensional images; not plain pictures, although we see the images on paper screens as perfectly flat.

Retina is not like a plain paper. It contains large no. of light sensitive cells arranged in different layers. So when a 3D image is formed, eye/brain can detect a 3D sensation from the image itself because the image is actually 3D.

This hypothesis can be verified by allowing the image of an irregularly shaped object, formed by a thins lens to fall on say something like a smoke chamber or semi transparent liquid screen instead of plain paper.

The point is, if the simulation applet can ray-trace each ray emanating from the irregular object,  the 3D profile of the object can be obtained on the image side of the lens, by finding out the appropriate intersection points of rays passing through the lens.(As per ordinary rules of ray tracing)

Hope what i mean is clear to you.