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Title: Does traffic lights module exist with dimming feature
Post by: louse on June 24, 2013, 04:05:20 pm
  Good afternoon, guys
  Are you free now, would like do me a fever? I need your help.
  Several days ago, the street department installed a new traffic lights module -*- in an existing traffic light near my home. I've been thinking about using such a module as a "wash" light source as they are very bright. I guess my next step will be to go to the street department and ask to see the box the modules come in. There might be some voltage information there. As for dimmable, the box probably won't say.
  I've found LED traffic light replacements that screw into the existing standard socket, so they are probably 120v AC units. I've also found new construction traffic lights module that just has red/black leads coming out the back. The documentation says 85-150V AC input.
  At last, I would like to ask help from you, and I hope that you can help me, does traffic lights module exist with dimming feature?