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Title: solar power traffic light replace the signals on wires
Post by: louse on June 04, 2013, 12:50:21 pm
       ;DRecent years, I've noticed that the city has been replacing signals on wires with-*-solar power traffic lights. I'm all for this. because solar is a renewable resources and solar power traffic lights helps to build hamonious society and realize energy-efficiency. However, it bugs me that the solar power traffic lights are the traditional yellow with the black backplate. For years, it seemed that the city was switching to the black signal with the black backplate. To me, the black on black is more pleasing to the eye. I liked the way these made the streetscape look too. Am I crazy or is the black on yellow just tacky?

River Oaks Blvd. at San Felipe is an example of a new signal with the yellow on black.
Kirby at University is an example of the black on black.

     Is it more expensive to have the solar power traffic lights  black? It would be nice to have a uniform look to traffic signals in the city.