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Title: 2 Bugs: Spam Code on wiki and Image not found in Description page
Post by: con-f-use on June 28, 2011, 09:22:38 pm

I tried to report this bug on the wiki (http://www.um.es/fem/EjsWiki/FeedbackEn/00078?action=edit) page. But it seems the page had a bug of itself: Despite entering the right CAPTCHA-Code I couldn't get past the anti-spam code.

However the real bug I tried to report was this: I added an Image to a description page in EJS. The image is displayed properly but when I try to package or run the simulation I get a few "file not found" error dialogue.

The image below shows the problem:-*-
Glad for any help or a quick bugfix! Thx in advance

Title: how to use image in EJS
Post by: Fu-Kwun Hwang on June 30, 2011, 08:53:55 am
You need to copy resource files (sound,image,....) under workspace (your working directory or sub-directory).

For example:
My ejs source code is always saved at ejsworkspace/source/users/ntnu/fkh/
I created a sub-directory ejsworkspace/source/users/ntnu/fkh/_data/
and all my resource files are under ejsworkspace/source/users/ntnu/fkh/_data/

EJS can find resource file for you if it is under workspace.
Your resource file was under desktop, EJS was not able to add it to the jar file.
(other users usually would not have the same file structure as your desktop, so it would not work! )