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Title: Robotic Arm
Post by: sergiuadrian on June 12, 2011, 05:08:08 pm
I am new here, and I found this website while I was looking for a way to simulate a robotic arm movement for a project. I find it more interesting to simulate the robotic arm than to build it and deal with all the mechanics. The problem is that none of the examples available fit for me.
I found something similar here : http://www.aurova.ua.es/rcv/_applets/_apps/RobotPA10Mit.app/RobotPA10Mit_Simulation.html , but I can't access the source code.
The robotic arm will have an electrode at the end of it, and I would like my simulation to be able to place the electrode on top of any point I choose on the surface of a circle. I am using the version of EJS compatible with Matlab to get that point's coordinates. The simulation should display the intermediate coordinates of each position of the arm as it passed through its trajectory.

Title: Robotic Arm
Post by: dslava on February 15, 2012, 07:35:15 am
Hi Every one
A robotic use in most big industry like logistic company, auto company etc.
A robotic arm requires precise movement of the motor. You can make a robotic amusing steppers,but it wont have enough torque to drive the arm.