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Title: send me all applet
Post by: on September 25, 2004, 12:02:34 pm
hi administrator,  I am a student. I need all applet for my experiment please :D

Title: Do you really need all the applets
Post by: Fu-Kwun Hwang on September 29, 2004, 08:28:21 am
Please send me the title/URL of the applets you really need!

Title: hi, can I get source code and doc for this applet
Post by: go2mmusa on October 25, 2004, 06:42:50 am
Traffic Light System



Title: topic112
Post by: pichu_pandya on September 11, 2005, 12:27:10 am
the word "excellent" can not fully justify the quality and usfulness of your applets. can i have all of them. i am a physics teacher and intend to use them to teach my students
thanking you
yours alsways

Title: topic112
Post by: Fu-Kwun Hwang on September 12, 2005, 07:18:02 am
You are welcomed to use our java applets for non-profit educational purpose.
I have copy all our applets to this  forum system.
You will be able to get files related to any java applets at our web site
if you are a registered user and login to the system.
Just look for a button(with label: GET APPLET FILES) at the end of the first java applet message

If you click the button, files related to that applet will be sent to your email account automatically.